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1The Internet has grown tremendously over the past 10 years or so. The online world offers an abundance of possibilities and people all over the world are embracing these changes with open arms.

Unfortunately, the world is full of limitations in regards to the Internet and Canadian residents would love to maintain their online freedom as they travel the world. HideMyAss vpn can prevent this from being a problem by allowing you to surf the web as though you are in a different part of the world where restrictions like these do not exist.

Looking at Canada’s Internet Statistics

Although there are many countries that have humbly hopped on board the online revolution, there are a few that haven’t. Keep in mind that Canada is a country that uses the Internet quite extensively. It has been estimated that more than 80% of Canadians spend at least 15 hours online per week.

More than 50% of the videos watched by Canadians can be found on YouTube. Finally, more than 15 billion dollars has been spend via shopping on the Internet in Canada. In other words, the online world is quite popular in this sector of the world.

Whenever a Canadian citizen decides to travel abroad, they’ll more than likely want to stay up to date on their favorite TV shows and local websites. And depending on which country they visit, the restrictions on the Internet can be extremely tight. This is why it would be ideal to capitalize on a solution that would allow Canadian residents to surf the net as though they were in their own country.

HideMyAss is a VPN service that can allow you to surf the web anonymously and from an IP address location outside of your home country. This means that Canadians would be able to access their regular online data no matter where they are in the world. HideMyAss is a good solution that is cost-efficient and that doesn’t require any expertise to utilize.

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VPN Providers for Canada

If you’re a Canadian citizen then you’ll want data encryption software that isn’t detectable by data spies or hackers. This would ultimately increase the safety of your online browsing and wouldn’t leave traces of where you have been on the web. Commonly referred to as “HMA”, HideMyAss is a Canadian VPN service that is well known within the industry.

While it can be used by any country in the world, Canadians who are travelling would be able to take advantage of it the most. HideMyAss is also one of the largest VPN networks on earth. It contains more than 400 servers located in more than 50 countries. Users will be able to have access to more than 48,000 IP addresses and also receive support from Open VPN and PPTP.


In short, their data will be encrypted and free from the eyes of online threats. HideMyAss has about 20 servers located all across Canada. There are budget-friendly plans associated with the service and they can be purchased with a 30 day money back gurantee.

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