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Unblock Websites with a VPN Service

Would you like to unblock website like Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites while you are at work? Are you located in a country that restricts Internet access by blocking many useful websites that you would like to be able to access? In this category we will explain to you how, with a VPN, you can freely access any website you choose to visit.

How to Get a Canadian IP Address?

canada flag

There are a several reasons you may want to get a Canadian IP address but for most people, the main reason is a need to access content only available in Canada. There are several websites in Canada that restrict content to a local audience. It is actually much easier to get a Canadian IP than you think. The best way ... Read More »

We are Sorry but you are Not Authorized to Access this Website/URL

403 forbidden 2

The above browser message is technically referred to as a 403 Forbidden error. There are several reasons you may encounter such an error, these include: URL errors – you may have typed in the wrong URL address. Check the URL for accuracy and try accessing the website again. Issues with your browser cache – it is possible that you may ... Read More »

The best VPN for classifieds


The online classified market is currently very important. Majors websites such as Craiglist or Ooodle are driving million of visitors per day. From used cars, apartments for rent  or sale, job listings passing by personals online classifieds everything can be sold our bought. Why do i need a VPN for classifieds? One of the main issue encountered by people posting classifieds will be ... Read More »

We’re sorry… but your computer or network may be sending automated queries.

Some of our readers using a VPN reported us having an issue when using Google.com search engine. While just trying to access Google by directly writing Google URL or using the search function of their browser the following message appears: We’re sorry… … but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process ... Read More »

How to unblock Wikileaks

Wikileaks is one of the most visited website on earth with an Alexa Rank of 12000 th. Due to the controversial nature of it’s content it is often blocked by some governments as the content the website offered could cause “national issue”. How to unblock Wikileaks As Wikileaks is often blocked in country with heavy internet censorship, we recommend you ... Read More »

Best YouTube VPN


Founded by three former members of PayPal back in 2005, YouTube is an immensely-popular video sharing website. Using YouTube enables individuals and media corporations alike to upload video content that can be easily viewed online by anyone, free of charge. YouTube Geo-Restrictions However if you live in a country like China, you may find it difficult or impossible to access ... Read More »

How to surf anonymously at work?


Are you currently at work and would like to check the latest news about what your friends are doing with Facebook ? You also might want to check the news or your email from time to time during your working day. However, you might be facing one of those situation: a. Your company is blocking Facebook, Google news or your ... Read More »

How to unblock Facebook at the University?

You might be studying in one of the numerous university that banned the usage of Facebook. Facebook being banned in an university started in 2008 with the decision of Concordia university in Montreal (Canada) to ban Facebook for it’s 40,000 thousand students. From this decision, many others university followed and also decided to lock Facebook from being used on the ... Read More »

How to watch movie on Netflix outside of the US?

You are maybe traveling outside of the US for some vacation, business trip or visiting family abroad. You are also maybe an expatriate or living outside of America and you would like to enjoy the largest movie / drama / comedy choice that has to offer the American online TV Netflix. Netflix offers a very large selection (15.000) of TV Show, Action movie, ... Read More »

Watch American TV from outside of the US

American TV

You might be living outside of USA or traveling outside of the US and wondering how you could access to all the interesting tv shows / drama / comedy / sports events and so on that has to offer american TV ! As you probably experienced, it is impossible to watch online american channel abroad as most of the majors and most interesting channel ... Read More »

Internet speed in Shanghai

Major ISP players in China have slashed their prices considerably to make high speed data accessible to every Shanghai home. Right now there are three big companies who have cornered the Chinese ISP market. Shanghai Telecom Co., Ltd. who provides fibre lines using the FTTB with LAN technology or the FTTH service. Subscribers also have the option of an ADSL ... Read More »

Can you access blogger in China?

You might planning to go in China very soon for a trip and would like to know if you could access the famous blogging website Blogger.com. Unfortunately, Blogger which is one the most popular blogging platform in the world is blocked in China. If you try to access Blogger.com in China, here is the message your internet browser will display: As you ... Read More »

How to unblock Facebook? We tell you how to do it

unblock facebook

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It has been created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and now count more than 900 million users. Where is Facebook blocked? Using Facebook can be very frustrating for it’s users as Facebook is often blocked in many places and country. We listed below the most common case that you can encounter. ... Read More »

How to unblock Amazon Prime Instant Videos outside of America

Amazon Prime Instant Videos is an exclusive service offered by the American company Amazon. Prime Instant Videos allows you to stream thousands of TV Shows and Movies which are included in the membership that you can subscribe to on Amazon Prime. To give you some example, you will be able to watch blockbuster on Prim Instant Video such as Mean ... Read More »

Unblock Skype in Dubai with a VPN


You might be living in the UAE or planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates. You might be aware that the popular voice over ip software Skype has been blocked in the UAE few years ago. It is impossible to give phone call using skype in the UAE if you are not using a vpn. How to unblock Skype in the ... Read More »

How to unblock websites in Dubai with a VPN?

Dubai is the city in the UAE that get the largest expatriate community, many American, French, British and people from many others nationalities are coming in Dubai to find a job or to enjoy the very dynamic environment that it has to offer. However, when it comes to using internet for work or leisure purpose in Dubai, it can be ... Read More »

How to unblock Dailymotion

unblock Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a French video sharing streaming website created in 2005 in France. The website is available all around the world featuring content in many Language. Many interesting programs can be found on Daily Motion, however you might experience a lot of blocked video issue as Daily Motion is actively controlling copyright per country. How to unblock Dailymotion? Most of the video ... Read More »

How to unblock Facebook in Vietnam


You might be a local Vietnamese or an expatriate living in the beautiful Saigon or Hanoi. You probably by then already experienced a lot of difficulties accessing Facebook. Indeed Facebook while not being blocked in Vietnam is very often impossible to access or when accessible too slow to use properly. Saigon photo How to unblock Facebook in Vietnam? As many users reported ... Read More »

How to unblock Blogspot and Blogger in China

If you are living in China you probably experienced how the internet can be spotty and unstable. On the top of that, many website will be blocked or very very slow… This poor internet performance is mainly due to the lack of competitiveness between isp as the market is tightly regulated by government. On the top of that, Chinese authority setup in 2007 ... Read More »

How to unblock Spotify

unblock Spotify

Spotify is a very popular Legal Music Streaming service. Created in Sweden in 2008 the service has now around 12 million users. The service allows you to stream music for free. It works on your computer  and can be used as well on mobile device and media box. Here is the actual list of supported device and OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS ... Read More »

How to unblock Twitter in China?


The popular micro blogging  website Twitter is blocked in China since 2009. Accessing Twitter from any city in mainly China will results in a blank page. The only way to get access to Twitter and unlock Twitter from China on your computer / mobile phone or Ipad is to use a VPN.  We recommend you to consult our guide of the different VPN that works in ... Read More »

Which VPN is the best to use in Beijing?

You might be living in Beijing or planning to move to Beijing for work of vacation. Beijing while being the capital of China and a very active city business wise has a controlled internet like in the rest of China. Most of foreign websites are indeed blocked in Beijing by the government. Famous websites such as the one we listed ... Read More »

How to listen to music on Pandora web radio from outside the U.S.


Pandora is the largest and best web radio in the world. It has been created in January 2000 by Tim Westergren a famous musician. The DNA of Pandora is to bring different style of music all together and create a unique music environment. Pandora Concept Users of Pandora just need to connect to Pandora website : www.pandora.com From then you ... Read More »

Unblock Websites: we tell you everything

You might be one of the many visitors of our websites that is desperately looking for a solution to freely and anonymously surf the internet at their work place, school or university. It has been a growing trend in the last 5 years that many places control the internet: Work Place University School Fortunately for us, now on there is a very ... Read More »

Best Vpn for China?

China Flag

You might be one of the many expatriates living in China which is one of the most exciting country in the world business wise. Shanghai and Beijing are indeed the most popular city in China and many expatriates decided to move over there to establish business or work for some international company.   Why do you need a VPN in ... Read More »