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Are you wondering which VPN is best suited for use in your country of residence? Perhaps you live in China, where you are regularly faced with blocked websites, and you would like to find the most suitable VPN for accessing them? You could also be living in America, Europe, or any other part of the world, and you are merely seeking information on the best VPN for your region. In this category, you’ll find helpful articles regarding which VPN service may be best for the country you live in.

VPN for Germany

german flag

If you live outside Germany, accessing some services can prove difficult. This is because there are several websites that you can’t access unless you are connecting through a German IP address. A good example is a large majority of news and video sites located in Germany. So what do you do? Do not fret, this is exactly the reason Virtual ... Read More »

VPN for Pakistan


Do you live in Pakistan? Have you been searching for a VPN provider?  Search no more, VPNmag.com answers all your questions below as well as offers some useful insights. Virtual Private Network in Pakistan Pakistan is a large country with millions of Internet users. It is quite unfortunate that authorities have a policy of Internet censorship. In a bid to ... Read More »

VPN for Turkey


If you live or work in Turkey, then you definitely require a VPN service. This article provides you with insightful information on the best VPN for Turkey. Why do you need a VPN service for Turkey Anyone who lives or has worked in Turkey for some time will undoubtedly be aware that the Turkish government is notorious at Internet censorship ... Read More »

VPN for Nigeria


If you live in Nigeria and have been searching for a VPN provider, then you have come to the right place. Your search ends here. Virtual Private Network in Nigeria Nigeria is a great country with a large population of Internet users. Unfortunately, accessing sites like Twitter, Netflix, Hulu and other sites is a real problem in Nigeria. Many websites ... Read More »

Canada VPN

canada vpn

The Internet has grown tremendously over the past 10 years or so. The online world offers an abundance of possibilities and people all over the world are embracing these changes with open arms. Unfortunately, the world is full of limitations in regards to the Internet and Canadian residents would love to maintain their online freedom as they travel the world. ... Read More »

Denmark VPN


Normal Internet connections can often prove to be frustrating, especially if you live in a country that has a lot of online censorship. Denmark is a country that has been scrutinized by these issues and that are speculations of introducing and online tracking or hacking. Keep in mind that every IP address can provide a risk of some degree. This ... Read More »

France VPN


Considering that cyber hacking is as prominent as it’s ever been, it is no wonder why countries around the world are tightening up their Internet security. As a result, a lot of their websites are inaccessible to residents. And this can be quite frustrating, especially for foreigners who would like to stay up-to-date with their favorite online shows. If you’re ... Read More »

Best German IP VPN


In Germany, Internet access is extremely important. However, this is a country that can place a lot of restrictions on websites and opening them can be a hassle. Whether you are located in the United States or the UK, you’ll likely be faced with online censorship at some point during your online viewing experience. And Germany isn’t any different. Perhaps ... Read More »

Brazil VPN


In recent years, Brazil has been a country that has been experiencing more and more online censorship. This is unfortunate considering that millions of people flock to this country each year to vacation and relax. HideMyAss is a VPN service that can provide both locals and foreigners with the ability to browse through the web without having to worry about ... Read More »

China VPN


China is a country that, for a long time, was cut off from the remainder of the world. It wasn’t until the 1970s that they opened up their boarders for foreigners. Today, they sit as the 2nd largest economy on the planet and are showing no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, China is a country that has a lot of ... Read More »

How to Get a Chinese IP Address with a VPN


There are many different reasons for why someone would want to acquire a Chinese IP address. Few can argue that China these days has become the #1 hotspot for international business and trade. International corporations spend a great deal of time bargaining with China as well as accessing their websites. Unfortunately, if you aren’t from China then you may find ... Read More »

London VPN


Also known as a “Virtual Private Network”, a VPN can provide many advantages for the people using them. It can allow you to protect your location, personal information, and allow you to anonymously surf the Internet. HideMyAss is a VPN service that can allow you to encrypt your IP address and make it appear as though you are browsing the ... Read More »

Netherlands VPN


Is Netherlands a country that is free from online censorship? In short, yes they are but the country has experienced a few other censorships that are causing worry for online users. For instance, certain elements of Google Maps has been censored and other restrictions have been imposed. To some degree, these restrictions can slow down the progress of the country. ... Read More »

Romania VPN


While Romania may not be as strict in online censorship as other countries, it is still causing a bit of concern for the residents who reside there. The country has made these reservations in regards to their adult content and online pornography. Fortunately, there are still areas of the web that have gone untouched. But for residents who would like ... Read More »

VPN for expatriates : which service VPN is the best for an expat ?


While privacy, safety and anonymity are of major concern to some VPN users, expatriates often use VPNs for different reasons while they are living abroad. First reason: you are living in a country where the government restricts Internet access Many expatriates make daily use of a VPN service in order to unblock website censored by the government of their country of residence. Countries ... Read More »

Best VPN for Kuwait : we tell you which service is the best


Kuwait has recently emerged as a very popular destination for businesses from across the globe. Many foreigners are currently living there thanks to the country’s dynamic economy and abundant opportunities. Currently citizen from Kuwait and foreigners living there face daily frustration with their Internet service. Kuwait practices the same type of Internet censorship as many other Gulf countries and it ... Read More »

Best VPN for people living in Hong Kong


Hong Kong citizens are able to enjoy uncensored Internet access. The Hong Kong government is not censoring the Internet for political reasons. Hong Kong people are also enjoying some of the fastest and most reliable Internet access in Asia, as Hong Kong is one of the world’s Internet hubs, where many servers are located. Why do you need a VPN ... Read More »

Best South Korea VPN – We tell you the best VPN for Korea


South Korea, as a democratic and free country does not practice Internet censorship. Internet service in South Korea is usually very reliable and as fast as in any modern country. However, many South Korean Citizens and expatriates living in South Korea are facing daily frustration in regards to their internet access. Why do you need a VPN in South Korea? ... Read More »

Taiwan VPN – Our VPN Selection For Taiwanese Users !


If you are living in Taiwan, a very beautiful place to live located only a one-hour flight from Mainland China, you might experience some frustration related to the internet. Although Internet service in Taiwan is known for being fast and reliable, Taiwanese citizens and expatriates might experience some access issues with their internet connections. Why do I need a VPN in Taiwan? ... Read More »

Best VPN Service for Tajikistan


The Government of Tajikistan has ordered earlier this year the blocking of all majors Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. Several others media website were also blocked said Parvina Ibodova, the president of the Association of Internet Service Providers of Tajikistan. All ISPs were indeed ordered by the government to block a massive list of websites including popular ... Read More »

Best VPN for Portugal


Fastest and most efficient VPN for Portugal Portugal is numbered at 77th position when it comes to population and has over 5.2 million people who use internet. The population however is over 10.6 million. The ever growing usage of internet has resulted in the growth of companies providing internet services in manifold. Despite the growing number of internet users, it ... Read More »

How to Get a Chinese IP Address

china vpn

There are any number of reasons for wanting to get a Chinese IP address. China has emerged as a new center for international trade and business. Western and international corporations are operating in China and throughout the burgeoning Asian market. However if your work requires that you access Chinese websites for business purposes, you may encounter problems if you are ... Read More »

Best Vpn for Canada


There is currently around 34.4 million people living in Canada. The largest Canadian cities are Montreal, Toronto,  Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec and Edmonton. Canada is a country very well connected to the internet with in 2011, 25 million internet users living in the country. An interesting data is also the large number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as they were 760 ... Read More »

Best VPN for New Zealand


Censorship on the Internet is becoming a growing problem. Ever more restrictive and prohibitive laws are being enacted in different countries around the world. New laws like ACTA that have recently gone into effect have the potential to profoundly affect the ways we use the Internet. ACTA is a very broad set of laws that invokes copyright protection to justify ... Read More »

How to Get an American IP Address


IP addresses are numerical labels that are assigned to individual client devices when they participate in computer networks. The principal functions of an IP address are for network interface identification and location addressing. IP addresses reveal a user’s location and can also be used to track their online activities. Many countries make it difficult to access web properties belonging to ... Read More »

How to Get a Japanese IP Address

Japanese flag

The Internet has become central to our lives in many ways in the past two decades. We use it to do business, research, entertainment and to stay in touch with friends and family. Technologically advanced countries like the USA and Japan rely even more heavily on the Internet than some other countries. Unfortunately this increased Internet usage has resulted in ... Read More »

How to Get an Australian IP Address


Australia may be the land down under, but as the 13th largest country in the world in terms of GDP, it’s one of the world’s major economic centers, despite being halfway around the globe from Europe and the US. In addition to having a robust economy that’s driven primarily by the service sector, Australia is a very Internet and tech ... Read More »

Best VPN for France


For French expatriates living abroad, accessing websites and online programming from France can be difficult, if not impossible. Due to licensing agreements, French broadcasters like TF1 and Canal+ who stream their content online are forbidden from doing so outside of France. Geo-restrictions such as these can prohibit you from enjoying the French programming and other content you enjoy so much. ... Read More »

Best VPN for America

usa vpn

The United States has one of the most influential medias in the world. American films and television shows produced in Hollywood set the standard for the world and are enjoyed by millions of viewers in every corner of the globe. However going to the cinema can be expensive and not everyone has access to the kind of expansive cable TV ... Read More »

Best VPN for Asia


China is a rapidly expanding epicenter for business, trade and commerce. More and more westerners are now living and working in China. But while life in China offers many great experiences, using the Internet does not number among them. Internet usage in China is heavily censored by the government with the “Great Firewall” making it virtually impossible to enjoy social ... Read More »