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What a VPN Does, How it Works and the Benefits of Using One

A VPN secures your connection and puts you in control of your IP address which in turn:

  • Protects your Online Identity and Data
  • Blocks Unwanted Marketing
  • Keeps you Safe at Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Provides a Virtual Firewall
  • Shields your Company from Cyber Crime
  • Allows you to Keep the Same Internet Services you Have at Home While Traveling

How Does a VPN Work?

First, a VPN creates a secure environment for everyday web use. Before you log onto the net, you need to establish your VPN connection, which will in turn pass all of your online data (emails, instant messaging, data transfers, online banking and all online browsing) through an encrypted tunnel. Any 3rd parties, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider), no longer have ANY visibility into your traffic. This feature alone makes it a highly recommended Internet add-on.


What Are the Benefits of Using a VPN?

Using an anonymous IP address (that you choose) and having your entire online activity pass through an encrypted tunnel provides the following benefits:

  • 3rd parties can’t penetrate or identify the user behind the IP address
  • Unauthorized users like cyber criminals cannot see or use your online data
  • Online searches remain private from intrusive search engines that target marketing to you
  • IPVanish serves as a virtual firewall because your actual IP address is hidden
  • Protection from malware and hackers while using public Wi-Fi at hotels, airports, coffee shops, etc.
  • Sensitive business information such as transactions, customer data and communications with colleagues and employees is only readable by the source it is intended for
  • Access to websites like Hulu, Netflix and social media sites that may be blocked by certain countries

Try IPVanish VPN today to see how easy it is to protect your online identity and data and to take control of your IP address.

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IPVanish VPN is the world’s leading provider of premium, high-performance VPN service. With over 15 years of network management, IP services and content delivery services, IPVanish knows how to move vast quantities of data fast and securely. IPVanish’s passion and goal is to bring customers worldwide the absolute best VPN service— the best speeds, the most secure connections, the best technical support and the most competitive pricing available anywhere.